Teaching guitar & composition

Since 1994 I have had the immense pleasure of teaching guitar, music fundamentals, group guitar sessions, music theory, songwriting and composition to both adults and children from many backgrounds, cultures and musical interests.

Music teaching is a process that I approach with as much commitment, fun and engagement as music itself brings into my life. My music learning is a continuous journey and teaching is a necessary part of my musical development. My formal training is in music (BA Music, M.Mus), and I have a wide ranging interest and curiosity for various styles from jazz, classical to popular and contemporary.

Music education through the guitar

Learning to learn with music is something that I believe should be available to every person. Whether it's through singing or a musical instrument, learning to understand ones own development through the same process that it takes to learn to play music can have a simple and powerful effect on evolving positivity, resilience and respect for oneself and others.

In echoing this same belief, I am humbled by the differences and unique attributes that live within every learner. This is why I am committed to observing, developing, learning and evolving my skills as a teacher so that each learning experiences is nurtured to the best of its potential; to allow the student to become their own teacher, investigating music and learning no matter what other interests take up their attention as a life pursuit.

thanks so much -- march also means our friend will be back from france and she would love to attend -- as soon as you give me the date, i shall let cole's grandparents etc know -- as i write this it is 7:10 and though we are to leave to catch the school bus in 5 min, cole is practicing!!!!!!! he really does love your classes -- thanks for being firm and kind with him.
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Guitar lessons for younger learners & adults

Learning to play a musical instrument is a process. When music learning is taken up by young people, it is important that this process is nurtured by a involved caregiver. Learning to practice and to instigate the commitment necessary to study and enjoy the pleasures of the study of music, is often its own reward.

For adult learners, the discipline and commitment required, asks for the same nurturing attitude. This is why in lessons, I focus on making sure the learner is fully equiped with the understanding and materials necessary to evolve and thrive with their music learning from sessions to session.

Combined with learning to express musical aspirations through songwriting and composition, guitar lessons are offered as a means for owning the beautiful complexities and development that music learning and playing brings.

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Kooch project with Shirin Majd

    Arranging, composition & collaborations

    These recordings present a sample of my work as it has taken place alongside raising my two children and travelling from place to place. There are other recordings from work for solo and ensemble settings, as well as music for theatre and short film on my soundcould page.

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    Small group and private lessons are offered in Fitzroy north and Brunswick