Kooch project with Shirin Majd

This project is a based on a collaboration with Shirin Majd and is based on the themes of home and migration. As an arranged and guitarist on this project, it has been my pleasure to extend myself and reimagine a new home for traditional folk songs from Iran and its surrounding folk cultures for an improvising jazz ensemble.

Shirin Majd has performed Kooch at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and in Brisbane in October 2019.

Songs of Migration brings together music from around Iran with the creative adventure and personal expression inherent in jazz and improvised forms for a reflective journey evoking the essence of the migration experience. A performance between Shirin Majd, her ensemble and dancer, Kooch fuses traditional and new songs from the Farsi, Turkish, Spanish and English languages. Kooch presents a musical experience of Mastaneh Nazarian (one of the creators/composer) for bringing to life the universal themes that migrants have faced throughout time and place with songs of hope, peace, belonging and love’s passage.