Since 2021 I have been working on a series of compositions for guitar and voice exploring the poetry of everyday events on the theme of love, longing and exiles.   

Flowing pieces was a commission for ABC radio's Listening Room; based on a poem that has been translated in 4 languages, the accompaniment is created from electronically manipulated acoustic sounds.

From without for bass recorded and pre-recording was part of my study folio while studying with Gerard Brophy at Queensland Conservatorium. It features the mastery of Barnaby Ralph.

Composed for Concept Ensemble's first commission program, Aubade is a mediation on a poem by Judith Bishop. Listen out for the ghost of T.S. Eliot towards the end.

Love song II, a long form song that give away my love for bands like Yes and Led Zeppelin. Based on a poem composed in response to Brisbane heat and missing the Tehran dryness. It needs a remix for sure, but it was recorded pre digital days..."and my returning to that unpredictable mountain".

Desiring serene for solo guitar is a special piece for a very unique musician, Leo McFadden who comes from a musical family and has a real and evolving relationship with his creativity.

Born Again or Another Birth; How do words translate from their original intent into a new context? 1960's Iran to 1990's Brisbane? I wish I had a better recording of this piece, however it is one of my early explorations of this type of imagining. How I love how Amy Cutler and Paul Hankinson gave it their all. You weren't there to see her soft silky shawl and her stunning glow. Based on a larger poem by Forough Farrokhzad. "I plant my hands in the garden, I will grow".

Response for violin and viola composed for Bernard Hoe and Christa Powell.